Caves Roguelike

Excellent roguelike that's full of mazes and skeletons



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Caves Roguelike is, as its name suggests, a traditional roguelike in which you'll spend most of your time digging caves and fighting against all kinds of skeletons. When I say all kinds of skeletons, it's no joke: from skeletons with swords and bows and arrows to robot skeletons with assault weapons.

Players will have a base of operations where they can create clones of their character. Every time one of your heroes dies, you can create a new one by adding attributes to a clean slate and assigning different ability points. And, believe me, in Caves Roguelike lots and lots of your characters will die.

In terms of playability, Caves Roguelike preserves many of the traditional roguelike elements. From the movement of the characters to the turn-based combat and every trap, enemy, and object being potentially deadly. But, everything has been perfectly simplified and adapted to touch screens, meaning you won't have to deal with an uncomfortable interface and tons of menus.

Caves Roguelike is an original, fun title that's been perfectly adapted to touch screen devices. Perhaps it's not an especially pretty game to look at, but it's certainly an essential game for anyone who loves roguelikes.

Requires Android 3.2 or higher

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